Do Senior-Age Clients Need Prenuptial Agreements?

We’ve seen this scenario – or a similar one – many times at our law firm. A widower who lost his wife of 50 years gets remarried to a widow who lost her husband of 45 years. They attend the same church, share the same values and, in some cases, have the same circle of… Read More »

Soap Star’s Handwritten Will Challenged, Family Divided in Grief

Longtime daytime drama star Kristoff St. John passed away on Feb. 3. St. John played Neil Winters for nearly 30 years on CBS Television’s The Young and the Restless. The 52-year-old actor’s estate planning efforts are coming apart at the seams, according to several reports. Lawsuits and counter suits. Creditor claims, ex-spouses, and family disagreements…. Read More »

Avoid Confusion in a Crisis with Proper Planning

You might be doing everything you can do to help your aging parents. Often these decisions fall to one child, while other siblings are out of the loop for reasons of distance or other responsibilities. In some families you try to work by consensus, and at the same time, respect your parents’ wishes. This can… Read More »

Divorce Means Separating Estate Plans

During the dissolution of a marriage, it’s easy for our clients to become overwhelmed with all the changes that are happening. They become focused on the immediate problem of dividing financial or property assets and forget about estate and retirement plans that were made in the event of a debilitating illness or death. It’s our… Read More »

Planning For Long-Term Care Costs

Many of our clients feel uncomfortable discussing the risk of running out of money should they require living in a nursing home. As advisors, it’s our responsibility to help you understand just how expensive long-term care is, and that failing to plan for it jeopardizes your senior years and possibly creates an enormous financial burden… Read More »

Third-Party Special Needs Trust helps care for loved ones

Caring for children is a full-time job, especially when that child has special needs. To provide for the child, one of the most helpful trusts we recommend for our clients is the Third-Party Special Needs Trust. Federal law specifically authorizes this trust, which can provide for your child without penalty. This means that creditors have… Read More »

Revocable Trusts Provide Control and Protection

This article is Part 1 in a series that explores the various types of trusts that may benefit you. Today’s topic is revocable, or living, trusts. When it comes to control, protection and privacy, there is nothing better than a revocable trust as the centerpiece of your estate plan. Benefit 1: You Can Drive It… Read More »

Helping You Have ‘The Talk’ With Elderly Parents

It’s one of the most uncomfortable topics you may face, and one of the most important – discussing your parents’ financial situation. In many ways, it’s easier for parents to talk about the “birds and the bees” with their own kids than it is to talk with elderly parents about money. The latter conversations turn… Read More »

Quiet Accumulation Leads To Wealthy Philanthropists

Great wealth on a modest salary. It might seem like an oxymoron, but the tales of people leaving millions to charity on a grocery clerk’s wages are common enough that we’re not shocked by them anymore. Sylvia Bloom’s story is an example. In May 2018, The New York Times reported that Bloom left a $6.24… Read More »

For Money or Culture, Generations Are Living Together

For reasons both cultural and financial, Americans are living in multigenerational households in numbers not seen since the 1930s, The New York Times recently reported, and it shows no signs of changing soon. Grandpa’s teeth in a cup on the vanity. Suzie’s soccer cleats on the back porch. Mom and Dad cooking dinner for six…. Read More »