Advance Directives Could Have Saved ‘Legally Blonde’ Actress a Day in Court

Guardianship over a relative is much more difficult to obtain after a loved one has already become legally incompetent due to physical or mental illness. Lengthy, costly and heartbreaking court proceedings can be avoided with advance directives. As advisors, we have an obligation to ensure that clients understand the importance of having these documents in… Read More »

Proposed Laws Could Force Social Networks to Grant Access to a Deceased User’s Account to Grieving Family Members

Many of us have received precious, tangible mementoes from our loved ones who passed on. We treasure photo albums containing pictures of weddings, babies and family vacations. We keep safe shoeboxes filled with love notes between our grandparents when they were young and letters written by a soldier uncle who died in battle. Nobody can… Read More »

Divorced Couples Can Still Benefit from Joint Estate Planning

Creating an estate plan to protect your minor children is one of the most difficult—and most important—things you will ever do; this is especially true if you and your child’s other parent are separated or divorced. Relationships don’t always end amicably, but if you do have children it is definitely worthwhile to put aside your… Read More »

The Smart Way to Leave an Inheritance to Unprepared Children

Most parents (even parents of adult children) want to provide for their children—but not necessarily right away, and maybe not all at once. According to a recent article in Barron’s, “A growing number of parents are shunning the time-honored practice of handing big inheritances to their children when they turn 21. Instead, they’re waiting until… Read More »